Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Leadership 2.0

I have just returned from a month's leave in South Africa. I had a great break catching up with family and mates.
Next friday is our next Vision Youth Network (which will be held at the Elim Church on Te Rapa from 2-4pm). I am really excited about sharing with you when we get together.
Then on the 5th June we have our 2nd ONE event... this is going to be massive! Spread the word!!!

Well lets get to the meat of this week's post... Michael Hyatt wrote a great post about the new generation leadership. I will give you the points, but click HERE to read his full post.

Therefore, if leaders are going to be effective with the current generation of Internet-savvy web-users, they must shift their leadership style. I call this Leadership 2.0. Here’s how it compares to Leadership 1.0:

  1. Leadership 2.0 embraces change.
  2. Leadership 2.0 demonstrates transparency.
  3. Leadership 2.0 celebrates dialogue.
  4. Leadership 2.0 employs collaboration.
  5. Leadership 2.0 practices sharing.
  6. Leadership 2.0 welcomes engagement.
  7. Leadership 2.0 builds community.

Click HERE to read the full post.

Leave a comment and lets get some conversation going.

Godspeed & Kaizan

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