Friday, May 8, 2009

6 Reasons Why No-One Likes You On-Line

Church and our Christian walk is all about community. The internet has brought new avenues for on-line community... while not perfect it does present new opportunities.
So below I have found a good post for those of you wishing to increase your on-line community experience.

I found a great post via Twitter at the Viral Garden.
In the post we are given 6 reasons why no-one likes you on-line. I'll give you the headings and then give you the link to go and check the full post.

1 - You think monetization first

2 - Value creation? What's that?

3 - You are waiting for the community to come to you

4 - You don't give your members the ability or incentive to promote you to others

5 - You don't appreciate the people that are trying to help you

6 - You don't give a damn about the people you are trying to reach

If you'd like to read the full post then click HERE.

Let me know what you have learnt about on-line community and what you thought about the post at the Viral Garden.

Godspeed & Kaizan

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